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Speech-Language Pathologists and Compassionate Care

speech-language pathologists

Many of us take communication for granted. But for those who suffer from a stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injuries or other disorders, this can be a frustrating task. Thanks to the help of speech-language pathologists and hard work on the patients’ part, many of our patients see dramatic improvements in their speech, language and hearing issues.

Speech-Language Pathologists Make a Big Difference in Our Patients’ Lives

Imagine, for a moment, being unable to communicate your wishes. For many of our patients at Senatobia Healthcare & Rehab, this is a frustrating reality. Articulation and language issues caused by disease, injury or other disabilities can make being understood a real challenge.

Thankfully, we have a talented and dedicated team of speech-language pathologists who employ creative and individualized treatments for our growing senior population. Working through — and eventually overcoming — these speech or language impairments is the end goal they work towards each day.

The Speech Heroes at Our Facility

During the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (ASHA) Better Hearing & Speech Month, we want to honor and recognize our speech therapists for the care they provide.

Our speech-language pathologists at Senatobia Healthcare & Rehab assess, diagnose, treat, and help prevent communication and swallowing disorders in our patients. These heroes pour their hearts every day into:

  • Helping people who have lost language skills to produce words and basic sentences, learn to answer simple questions and participate in social activities.
  • Teaching memory strategies to assist grandparents with remembering the names of their grandchildren.
  • Rehabilitating a patient’s swallowing muscles so they can enjoy their favorite beverages.
  • Helping deaf patients with new cochlear implants to speak words after a lifetime of using sign language.
  • Easing a patient’s anxiety to help eliminate stuttering when speaking in front of groups.
  • Showing tracheostomy patients how to apply a Passy-Muir valve so they can use their own voice to tell family members, “I love you.”
  • Conducting difficult meetings with patient’s families to inform them that their loved one’s cognitive impairments make it unsafe for them to live alone.
  • Practicing pronunciation exercises so a patient’s needs can be understood.
  • Helping patients work through the emotions that arise when they are misunderstood or overlooked.
  • Teaching patients how to use a speech-generating device to live a productive and fulfilling life after a stroke.
  • Spending their own time and their own money on solutions to help their patients in even a small way.

Senatobia Healthcare & Rehab Thanks Our Speech-Language Pathologists for Their Compassionate Care

We may not express it often enough, but during this Better Hearing & Speech Month we want to thank each member of our speech-language pathologist team. We are grateful for the difference you make each day in our patient’s lives. Thank you!

If you would like your loved one to experience our passionate and caring healthcare or rehabilitation services in Senatobia, Mississippi, please contact us.


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